‘’Story of Richkey Lanka’’

About us

Initiated in 2021, Richkey Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is an upcoming exporter and importer based in Sri Lanka. We function as an online marketplace which delivers authentic and exceptional quality 100% Sri Lankan products to the international market. Our extensive product collection includes organically grown food items, freshly harvested seafood and sustainably produced eco-products which are packed carefully and are transported overseas retaining authentic freshness and flavor. Moreover, we have created a platform to provide premium imported products to local consumers for market competitive prices.


Our aim is to be “Your SMART Choice” with a range of products that provide the optimum value for money. We guarantee that all our products are of the highest quality and value to deliver an unmatched customer experience to our clients. As payback for our efforts, we have been awarded many certifications and awards.


Sri Lanka, which was formally known as Ceylon, is a paradise island abundant with exotic commodities. Hailed as ‘Ratna-Dweepa” which means gem island, Sri Lanka is known as an important source of many fine and precious gemstones. The country has a long history of mining diverse gemstones or immense beauty and value. Sri Lanka was also known as the land of spices in the Indian Ocean due to the abundance of high-quality spices rich with flavor and aroma. Ceylon cinnamon was once considered as the miracle spice all over the world. Historical records of Sri Lankan tea run back to 1824, where the first tea plant was brought from China and planted in Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy. Sri Lanka became world-renowned gradually for delivering the finest tea with a unique flavor.

~ Our Vision ~

To be an iconic brand that nourishes lifestyles with healthy and natural choices.

~ Our Mission ~

Richkey Lanka strives to be a brand that consumers can rely on for high-quality, valuable, and healthy alternatives to carry out their daily routine. We aim to impact people’s lifestyles for the better with rare, essential, sustainable, and ethically-sourced goods at affordable prices. Our wide range of products is carefully handpicked and guaranteed to offer the best value and satisfaction. We are also committed to uplifting the livelihood of local suppliers by providing a fair rate for their produce.


To delight our clients worldwide with products of premium quality and highest value.
To enable our clients to be competitive in their respective markets.
To empower the nation economically with global exports.
To contribute to sustainable development by adopting eco-friendly operations.


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