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One of the most celebrated drinks in the world, since its first consignment arrived at the London Tea Exchange in 1873, Ceylon Black Tea has been the lifeline of Sri Lankan exports and trade. One of the top 5 tea producing countries in the world, Sri Lanka satisfy over 11% of the global demand for tea and is one of the largest exporters of handpicked orthodox tea to the global market. Despite Sri Lanka’s adoption of other varieties of Ceylon Black Tea continues to be country’s specialty. Rich with a flavour and goodness uniquely formed by the varying terroir of Sri Lanka’s tea-growing regions, Ceylon Black Tea is scientifically proven to have a unique composition of Flavonols.

These flavonols are responsible for the crisp citrus aroma unique to Ceylon Black Tea as well as the multitude of health benefits, it offers. Grown across all seven regions of tea cultivation in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Black Tea is categorized according to its flavors, production method, and leaf size. Store the tea in a clean airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from moisture, heat, light, and pungent odors.

Hand-picked from lush green Central highlands, we bring you an exquisite brew of strong black tea to delight your senses with every sip. Embrace a moment of pure deliciousness with Richkey Lanka black tea which is infused with an enticing aroma and delectable taste. Richkey Lanka black tea comes in a wide variety of flavors to soothe any soul.


Although Ceylon Tea has long been synonymous with premium quality black tea since its introduction to the global markets in the 19th Century, Ceylon Green Tea, made from hand-picked buds and leaves mainly grown in the Uva and Nuwara Eliya regions of Sri Lanka.

While there had been numerous experiments in producing Ceylon Green Tea since the 19th Century using Chinese seedlings the first batch of Ceylon Green Tea was exported only in 1982, Today the majority of green tea from Sri Lanka is produced using Assamese stocks mainly in the Uva region of Sri Lanka, which gives the tea a fuller body and a more pungent, malty, and nutty flavour.

Unlike with Ceylon Black Tea, Sri Lanka serves only 3% of the global demand for green tea, exporting mainly to the USA, Australia, and Russia. As Ceylon Green Tea is an acquired taste, there is a growing demand for the tea from Western and Eastern Asian countries as well as African and South American countries. Meanwhile, the Ceylon Tea has lately been adopting Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Brazilian seedlings in producing Ceylon Green Tea expanding its cultivation to the Nuwara Eliya region with its rugged mountains and colder climate.

These varieties of Ceylon Green Tea have a very light and sparkling bright yellow colour and a more delicate, sweet flavour mostly associated with green teas around the world. Despite their different flavours and varieties, Ceylon Green Tea offers a multitude of health benefits that are proven by science. Store the tea in a clean airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from moisture, heat, light, and pungent odors.

Green tea is an amazing beverage which has been consumed by Chinese and Japanese people for thousands of years. Cherished by health conscious individuals, our green tea is embedded with many bioactive compounds to boost your health. Experience the taste of pure green tea from Richkey Lanka and avail many great health benefits.


An infusion of Ceylon Tea and fruits, herbs and spices indigenous to Sri Lanka, Flavoured Ceylon Tea is found in many forms, flavours, and blends across the world. Since the beginning of tea drinking in the 3rd Century AD, various blends and types of tea had been mixed with herbs, spices and fruits to enhance the flavour and aroma of tea. Keeping true to this age-old tradition Ceylon Tea manufacturers have created a range of tea flavours using different flavouring methods.

While there are several ways of flavouring Ceylon Black Tea and Green Tea, inclusion, natural extracts and natural identical flavours are some of the most common methods used to flavour tea varieties made in Sri Lanka.


Our extensive collection of flavored tea includes enchanting flavors which are sure to evoke pleasure and delight with every sip. We combine a myriad of flavours to deliver innovative blends for your to taste at any time of the day. Enjoy an unmatched tea experience with Richkey Lanka flavored tea collection.

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